Hyde Six

Hyde Six

Hyde Six is a rapper from Cincinnati, OH.

Hyde Six is the founder of Negative 13 Productions and has been part of the horrorcore scene for over two decades.


Sentenced To Burn (2001)
The Killing Machine (2002)
Demons From The Sky (2004)
Time Of Death (2005)
The Killing Machine (Deluxe Edition) (2014)
Army of Two Mixtape (w/ Mr. Boxxxcutta) (2015)
Carnage at the Hospital (w/ Cadaver Dogs) (2016)
Born Again Killer (2017)
Carnage at the Hospital 2.0 (w/ Cadaver Dogs) (2017)
The Shallow Effect (2020)
Death on Demand (w/ Cadaver Dogs) (2021)
Death Spell EP (2022)
Shadow of Death (2023)
Death Spell (Deluxe Edition) (2024)

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