Songs for You (2008)
More Songs for You (2006-2009) (2009)
Tales from the 21st Century
What Are You Talking About? (2011)
Joker (2011)
Fuck You Computer (2012)
High Art EP (2012)
The World I Leave (2013)
Radio Victim (2013)
Silly Human EP (2018)
Halloween Tape (2018)
Halloween Tape Vol. 2 (2019)
Xmas Tape (2019)
Fear of a Wack Planet (2020)
Halloween Tape 3: Season of the Bitch (2020)
Xmas Tape 2: Wack Xmas (2020)
Valentine Tape (2021)
Wonderland (2021)
Halloween Tape 4: The Return Of Kandy Offman (2021)



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