Helldawg is a Chinese maniac underground horrorcore rapper from Toronto that you and your girlfriend/boyfriend runs from at night. He walks the valley of death to bring the horror and demons right into your ears and into your psyche.

He started rapping in the late years of 2018 at the age of 16. Ever since he was a kid, demons always followed him, but Helldawg refuses to die throughout life. However in a sinister summer of 2023, Helldawg found his path into the horrorcore world. Now he brings you to the world of the psychopaths.

6667 is Helldawg’s number. 666 is the devil and the darkness while 7 comes after 6, and symbolizes the light after the demon storm. After 666 there is 7.

His first album released in 2024 is called “Mind of a Lunatic.” His first collab is with Kannibal Kannibis. As of now, Helldawg is part of the 17 Rydaz and Recklessradioxyz


Mind of a Lunatic (2024)
Tales of the Killers (2024)
Written by Eric Harris (2024)

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