Grim Moses

Grim Moses

Grim Moses, born Austin Moore, is an emcee and producer from Phoenix, AZ. He is also a member of the hip hop collective The Society of Invisibles.


Enpsychlowpedia Satanika EP (2012)
This is Me, Rapping! (2014)
Escape From Zoomanji EP (2015)
Dog Eat God (w/ The Premonist and Demento Beats) (2015)
Ghost Gun Records Presents No. 44 (2017)
Drug Pen EP (2017)
Unreleased Material (2017)
A God Called Dreams (2018)
A Breath of Smog (2018)
The Goat and The Ghost (w/ Morbid Horus) (2018)
Return of the Fury (2018)
The Proletarii (2019)
Putrid Dart EP (2019)
Pitch Fork EP (2019)
Wild Natural (2019)
Doom Skull EP (2019)
The Ominous (2019)
Martyr’s Revenge (2020)
Avant Gore (2020)
SupraLux 322 (2020)
The Big Club (2020)
When the Moon Fell (w/ Ca$ablanca) (2020)
Ghetto Elegance (2020)
Brando’s War Paint (2021)
Supreme Grodd (2021)
Flowers for a Hater (2021)
Paisan (w/ K. Burns) (2022)

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