Grim Mortality

Grim Mortality

Grim Mortality started in 2002, even though they were not yet known as Grim Mortality… At this time HardLuck and Sandman were known as “Headhuntaz.”

While they were still called “Headhuntaz,” they released their first CD entitled “Still Creepin’.” The Grim Boyz changed their name to Grim Mortality in 2005. Still new to the music game, they moved forward and released their second album “Improper Burial”. In the years to follow, they released “Grim Tales,” “Free 4 All,” “Dark Overcast,” “Afraid of the Dark,” “Cutz from the Grave,” and their latest album, “Macabre Mentality.”

Currently, the Grim Boyz are in the studio working on their latest project… more news to come soon.

Group Members

Hardluck the O.I.S


Here We Come (2001)
Still Creepin’ (as Headhuntaz) (2002)
Improper Burial (2006)
Grim Tales (2007)
Dark Overcast (2008)
Afraid of the Dark (2010)
Cutz From the Grave (2012)
Macabre Mentality (2013)
Absolute Imperfection (2014)

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