GrewSum is a rapper from Iowa. He has released many solo albums and has been a part of various groups including the IA Boyz, Labaholics, and The Trailer Park Boyz.

GrewSum has also been an integral part of Misson:Infect and once owned and operated his own label, PRONE Records, with multiple underground artists filling out the roster.


The End of Beautiful (w/ Sacred Evil) (2005)
The Beginning of a Legacy (2005)
The Donnie Darkflow EP (2006)
The Phoenix (2007)
Darkflow 2.0 (2007)
Chemical Threats Phase 1 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
Chemical Threats Phase 2 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2007)
A Near Life Experience (2008)
IA Boyz Mixtape Vol. 1 (w/ Bubbz) (2008)
The Phoenix 2.0 (2008)
Double Wide (w/ The Trailer Park Boyz) (2008)
XterM:Ination (w/ Mission:Infect) (2008)
Grass Roots Volume 1 & Volume 2 (2009)
Comfortable (2009)
Grass Roots 3 (2009)
Liquor Madness  (w/ The Drunk Boys) (2010)
Talk Shit Avenger (2010)
Laboratory Stories (w/ Labaholics) (2011)
The Inner Sanctum (2011)

Natural Sicko (2012)
The Mixtape Vol. 2 (w/ IA Boyz) (2013)
Bi-Polar Grew (2013)
Natural Sicko 2.0 (2013)
Smoke Trails (w/ Freedom 35) (2013)
The Darkflow Rises (2013)
Grass Roots 4 (2014)
The Chronicles (w/ Freedom 35) (2014)
Halloween Mix 2014 (2014)
Reboot (2017)
The Nameless (w/ Jimmy Donn) (2017)
V.H.S. (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase 3 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase 4 (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Chemical Threats Phase X (w/ Mission:Infect) (2017)
Grass Roots 5 (2018)
Chilling Transmissions (w/ J-Dogg) (2020)
II: Goat (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2021)
The Infected (w/ How to Gag a Maggot) (2021)
Morbid Clique vs Grewsum (w/ Morbid Clique) (2021)
A Darkflow Christmas (2021)
Spazzin (2021)
Evol EP (2022)
Grass Roots 6 (2022)
Chilling Transmissions 2: The Second Broadcast (w/ J-Dogg) (2022)
The Nameless II (w/ Jimmy Donn) (2023)
The Darkflow Solution (2023)

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