Freeze Martian

Mr. Freeze

New England emcee FreeZe, has been turning heads since 2007, with his debut album “Red SNoW”. Followed by his sophomore album Righteous Path in 2009, both of which were released and distributed by Long Range Distribution. FreeZe then released 2014’s “Mr Gone Bad”, followed by the E.P “If I Ever Die For This”. He released the highly anticipated “Red SNoW 2” May 20th 2016.


Red Snow (2007)
Righteous Path (2009)
Mr. Gone Bad (2014)
If I Ever Die for This (2014)
Cut the Power (w/ Beyond Top Secret) (2016)
Red Snow 2 (2016)
Freezus (2017)
Moon Rocks & Space Ships (2017)
Alien Tarot (2018)
Destroy and Rebuild (w/ Beyond Top Secret) (2019)
Freeze Pop (2019)
Last Train to Hollywood (w/ Beyond Top Secret) (2020)
The Truth is Ugly EP (2020)
Nuthouse Vol. 1: Wake the Kids (w/ Beyond Top Secret) (2021)
Death Match (2021)
Soothsayer (2023)

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