Fetal Autopsy

Fetal Autopsy

Fetal Autopsy is a Death Metal musician from Oklahoma. He is the founder of Meathook Records and also one half of the rap duo Dead Body Disposal Unit.


Bind Torture Kill (as BTK) (2010)
Human Consumption (as BTK) (2010)
Farmhouse Horror (as BTK) (2011)
Consuming Dead Flesh (as BTK) (2012)
Ripped to Shreds (as BTK) (w/ Goremonger) (2012)
Rituals of Murder (2013)
Fetal Autopsy (2013)
The Haddonfield Massacre (w/ Goremonger) (2013)
Collection of Dead Flesh (2014)
Plagues (2015)
Backwoods Bloodshed (2016)
Midwest Limb Extraction (w/ Necro Cannibal Ass Grinder and Menstrual Munchies) (2018)
The Snuff Tapes (2019)
Home Invasion Mixxxtape (w/ Dead Body Disposal Unit) (2019)

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