Born Daniel Gillespie on October 2, 1986, F.E.T.U.S aka FetusMusik, Blizzy Gillespie, and Danny Drive By is an American born Hip Hop writer, performer, and vocalist from Clearwater, FL.

Beginning his music career in 2002, F.E.T.U.S has crafted a new breed of music that combines Eastcoast flavor and instrumental with Southern influence and Midwest rhyme schemes to keep each verse, and ultimately song, fresh and new feeling. Calling his fans “Abortions,” the Florida native represents a darker and less often seen side of music; a style that has never been given life previously.

Earlier albums such as “Every City’s A Columbine” and “Abortion Theory” showcase an anxious side of the artist, with a general theme of urgency that most believe translates to a thirst for fame and musical acceptance that has been unquenched. Later albums like 2010’s “Deceptikonz” with fellow artist ClaAs show a more laid back acceptance of the music business, from the eyes of a more mature F.E.T.U.S.

In 2011, F DOT and recording group “Akvon” with Psycho Jesus and Lyrikal teamed up with Mad Insanity founder Mars to bring the Gospel Of The Grave Tour to a nationwide audience. Gaining steam from all states involved lead to an electrifying performance at The Gathering of the Juggalos in August of 2011; an annual event hosted by the Insane Clown Posse that has included performances by Tech N9ne, Ice Cube, Busta Rhymes, Mushroomhead, and Bone Thugs N Harmony.

The success continued to bring more opportunity, including a Halloween festival in Dallas with Hopsin and SwizZz, Mars, Grewsum, Akvon, Liquid Assassin, ClaAs and more great underground artists on the lineup.


Abortion Theory (2006)
The Water (w/ B.T.K.) (2008)
Every City’s A Columbine (w/ B.T.K.) (2008)
The Stillborn Mixtape (2010)
Deceptikonz EP (w/ Deceptikonz) (2011)
AkVoN (w/ AkVoN) (2011)
20​:​12’s (w/ 20​:​12’s) (2011)
Glockstradomus (2012)
Claustrophic EP (2012)
The Origami Mixtape (as Blizzy Gillespie) (2013)
Ashtray Confessions (as Blizzy Gillespie) (2014)
Claustrophic 2 EP (2015)
The 12th Hour (w/ Sleep Lyrical) (2016)
They Gonna Have 2 Kill Me #TGH2KM (as Danny Drive By) (2019)
#5belowep (as Danny Drive By) (2019)
#5below2 (as Danny Drive By) (2019)
#5b3low (as Danny Drive By) (2020)
#5below4 (as Danny Drive By) (2020)

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