Marcus R. Johnson has been rapping since 1987 when he was 15 and his mother bought him his first tape machine. At the age of 19, after recording at the Disc ltd, he saved up to buy a Boss DR 5 drum machine, and never stopped building and upgrading his craft.

His first album was released in 1991, titled “Rollin’ With Strength”. Forming a two man band with his cousin, “Big Father Hi-Top & the R.O.C ” was born.

Staying true to music by changing with the times and doing new and creative projects, Evol has shown a true love for music as a whole, from hip hop to soul/r&b to rock; E.O.D. has mastered fads as well as main stays in the music biz.

He has had a few different names, such as “Big Father Hi-Top,” “EVOL,” and now E.O.D.

A true rapper, producer and artist alike, E.O.D will create until the reaper comes calling.


Rollin’ With Strength (as Big Father Hi-Top, w/ The R.O.C.) (1992)
Satanic For Life (1994)
Satan’s Poet (1995)
Satanic Grooves Vol. 1 (1995)
King of the 80’s Babies (2018)
Sunrise (2019)
Paradise (2019)
King of the 80’s Babies Vol. 2 (2019)

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