EJ Prophet

EJ Prophet

EJ Prophet is an emcee from Fort Collins, Colorado. He is part of the group Salem Alumni and has also released an EP alongside Ouija Macc and Choirboy Dank of Swag Toof.


Kintsugi (w/ Swag Toof) (2019)
Red Moon Rising (w/ Salem Alumni) (2020)
Coven (Book 1) (w/ Salem Alumni) (2020)
The Prologue (w/ Salem Alumni and Illtrix) (2020)
Dicromose (w/ Odprophet) (2022)
Dark Passengers (w/ Lil Manyak) (2022)
Book of the Dead (w/ Cerberus Clique) (2022)
Four Horns (w/ Doc Gruesome) (2022)

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