East Koast Craziez

East Koast Craziez

The Craziez are a Rap/Metal Duo from the Pittsburgh, PA Area. Formed as East Koast Craziez in Late 2014. Craziez is composed of Steven Michael and Fred E. Krueger who perform under the names KarKizz and FK-23. With their high energy performance, rap flows, and metal screams fuse together to make a unique sound and a must-see live performance.

East Koast Craziez joined Brutal Business Entertainment run by Skippy Ickum in 2018. The Craziez have performed all over Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Michigan while playing underground concerts, benefits, mini-gatherings, and festivals.

The Craziez have performed with various acts such as:
Shaggy 2 Dope of I.C.P.
A Killers Confession
Moonshine Bandits
Kutt Calhoun
Ces Cru
Whitney Peyton
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Lex the Hex Master
G-Mo Skee
Anybody Killa
Ouija Macc
Damien Quinn
Rich Regal
and many more.

Group Members



Rabiez (2016)
Children Of The Woods EP (2017)
Mudpit Monsters (2019)

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