Dosia Demon

Dosia Demon

Dosia Demon is a horrorcore/devil shyt artist from Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has worked with numerous artists in the horrorcore genre, and was also a member of the horrorcore group Silent Corpse with Shy One.


Demonz ‘N’ My Head (1999)
The Demonic Kingpin EP (2000)
Necronomicon (2001)
Land of Doubt (w/ Silent Corpse) (2001)
Locced Out Demons (w/ Snipah) (2002)
Featuring… Dosia Demon (2002)
The Demonic Kingpin (re-release) (2006)
Psychotic Villain “Underground Hits” Vol. 1 (2006)
Psychotic Villain “Underground Hits” Vol. 2 (2006)
Psychotic Villain “Underground Hits” Vol. 3 (2008)
Greatest Hits (2000-2008) (2009)
Demon Resurrection (w/ Ressurrector) (2009)
Tortured Souls (2010)
Evil Never Dies (2011)
Evil Never Dies 2 (2012)
Mystic Mixes (2012)
Devils of Punishment (w/ E.C.E.) (2012)
Evil Insanity EP (2016)
Demonus Oculus (w/ Legion of Darkness) (2018)
Villainous (2020)
D6MNXIC V6RS6S (2021)
Terrorific (2022)

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