Doomsday Productions

Doomsday Productions

Doomsday Productions was a rap trio from Las Vegas, whose work dates back to 1994. Once signed to Cin Sity Records, their hardcore style has even been categorized as horrorcore, similar to Brotha Lynch Hung or the Grind Family.

Group Members

Playboy 7


XV (1994)
This is For the Hoes (1995)
Pray 4 Me (1997)
Filthy (1999)
The Plague (w/ Brotha Lynch Hung) (2002)
Underground Vol. 2 (w/ Cin Sity) (2003)
Survival of the Siccest (2004)
SiccMixx: Our Most Gangsta Hits (w/ Brotha Lynch Hung) (2004)

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