Doc Gruesome

Doc Gruesome

Doc Gruesome, formerly known as Freek Show, is an emcee, producer, and graphic artist from Reno, NV.

He was one half of the duo Karniez From the Krypt with fellow emcee, Ephekt, and is part of the group Illtrix.


Torture Tracks (Tormented Tapes) (w/ Illtrix) (2015)
Torture Tracks (Twisted Tapes) (w/ Illtrix) (2015)
Dawn of a Trixta (w/ Illtrix) (2018)
#Foreverephekt (w/ Illtrix) (2020)
The Prologue (w/ Illtrix and Salem Alumni) (2020)
Belial (w/ Illtrix) (2020)
Doc Gruesome (2022)
Four Horns (w/ EJ Prophet) (2022)
Devth Kvlt (w/ Odprophet) (2022)
Book of the Dead, Chapter 1 (w/ Cerberus Clique) (2023)
Death Gvwds (w/ Odprophet) (2023)
The King in Yellow (2023)
Tombstones and Funeral Homes (w/ Illtrix) (2023)
Book of the Dead, Chapter 2 (w/ Cerberus Clique) (2023)

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