Daniel Dahmer

Daniel Dahmer

Daniel Dahmer honed his craft and created a style that demands a reaction; whether you love it or hate it… Dahmer “kick(s) it retro-style, with an extreme twist of dark rhymes, vulgar humor and swag overload.”

In July 2012, Dahmer released his debut album, “Snapbacks and Fannypacks,” which quickly went viral and got lots of critics stirred up due to controversial content and was considered a instant classic by many fans.


Violent Psychology (as Autopzy) (2009)
The Infared Creeps (as Autopzy) (2011)
Freaky Tales (2011)
Above the Rim EP (2011)
SuperNESS94 EP (2011)
?Mystery Box? EP (2011)
D Generation Next (2011)
Raw is War Vol. 1 (2011)
Swag Me the Fuck Out (2012)
Granniez wit Choppaz EP (2012)
Bananaz in Pyjamas EP (2012)
More Freaky Tales (2012)
Snapbacks & Fannypacks (2012)
Hello Kitty Mobb EP (2012)
Black XXX Mas EP (2012)
Theatre of the Macabre (2012)
Menace 2 Society (2014)
Trap Gramma (2014)
Grammas Kutt EP (2014)
Bad Taste (2016)
Slime City (2019)
Street Trash (2019)
Terrorvision EP (2019)
Fxck 2020 (2020)
The Supreme Being (as MC Dahmer) (2021)
Trap to the Future (2021)
Mr. Purrfect (2022)

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