Crystal F

Crystal F

Hauke Schmidt, who now lives in Berlin, grew up in Estorf near Nienburg and began producing music professionally in 2004. In 2006 he met Crack Claus and Partisan and began to produce music together with them. Crystal F, as Schmidt now called himself pseudonymously, founded the label Ruffiction Productions in the same year as a side project, which was initially intended for his acquaintances, but was then used to market the rap group Doom & Death (also known as DAD), at the time still consisting of Partisan, Phil and him. At that time he lived in various places in Germany, moved around a lot, until 2009 when he finally moved to Berlin, where he still lives today. In 2007 he released the album Das wird eine Nacht with the then Ruffiction members as a free download, which was indexed by the Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien (BPjM) because of its violent lyrics. The label website was also blocked for several months. In 2009, Crystal F’s first solo album Kunst des Todes was released.

The online EP Ruffradikal (2010) was followed by his second solo album X in 2012. His album Narben, released on August 26, 2016, reached number 10 on the German album charts. His top-ranked album to date, Das Leben danach, released on June 11, 2021, reached #2.


Uzi Entertainer – Komfortabel Spitten (2005)
Uzi Entertainer – Komfortabel Spitten Directors Cut (2006)
Straight outta Keller (2006)
Kurztrip (2007)
Das wird eine Nacht (2007)
Crystal, Crack & Kannibalismus (w/ Crack Claus) (2008)
Kunst des Todes (2009)
Ruffradikal (2010)
Trottelschweine (w/ Serious Dan) (2011)
X (2012)
Narben (2016)
X X (2018)
Panzerband und billiges Crack (2018)
Bunkerromantik (w/ Karmo Kaputto & Dawid DST) (2019)
Das Leben danach (2021)
Was ist bloß mit Hauke los… (2021)
Neue Probleme (2022)
Veilchen (w/ Karate Andi & Tamas) (2022)
Neue Perspektive (2022)

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