Crossworm is a multi genre artist based in Grand Rapids, MI and originally from Essex, Ontario Canada. Crossworm started in 1998 in a Horrorcore group called 2KORPSE. He used the names “Mentally Corrupt”, and “Thirteen” before settling on Crossworm.

In 2001, 2KORPSE disbanded and Crossworm went solo. He has since released several albums, engineered hundreds of artists, and went on to direct the worlds biggest annual horrorcore compilation series “DEVILZ NITE”, before it was disbanded in 2012. Also in 2009, Crossworm formed a Horrorcore group called BLISTER with Detroit MC “Renigade”. They released several singles, always on a Friday the 13th.


Death Deliverance (w/ 2KORPSE) (1998)
More Than Mortal (w/ 2KORPSE) (1999)
Dead White Trash (w/ 2KORPSE) (2000)
Phoenix (2004)
Assault and Battery Acid (as dirtboy) (2004)
groundCTRL (as groundCTRL) (2006)
Ready to Burn (2007)
Syndrome (as dirtboy) (2007)
Mouth Full of Dirt (2008)
Deciduous (as Jaws) (2011)
The Grand Scheme (w/ Dear Dangerous) (2012)
Orientation (w/ Sun Sky and Surface) (2013)
Parasite Avenue (2014)
Drowning in Restricted Thought (2016)
Volume One (w/ Blister) (2017)
Finding X (2017)
Eat the Weak (2020)
ONE (as AN1ML) (2021)
DARKHORSE (as AN1ML) (2021)
SILENCE (as HEATHN) (2021)
GŌST (2023)
Anti (2023)

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