Originally born in Simi Valley, CA, and raised in Olympia, Washington, Brandon Pippin always had his eye on the prize, his head in the game, and his ears covered by headphones from day one. He’d grow up listening to everything he could, becoming inspired by the greatest of the greats, and refining his own style and sound as he educated himself in all-things-music from the front to the back of the studio boards.

Making a massive move with his career, Brandon relocated to the music-mecca of Atlanta, Georgia. Determined to break in to the scene by skill or by force, Pippin involved himself in every aspect of the industry from promoting to performing, hosting local shows and spinning his own DJ sets from around 2011 – and he’s never spent a day looking back ever since. Surging forward with every move he made, in 2015 he’d go on to thrill crowds under the name of DJ Piper for the next three years solid; and all the while he was finding incredible success, Brandon was plotting the most pivotal move still yet to come.

With a full skillset stocked and loaded with style and swagger, he reemerged in November 2018 as Crewsont for the very first time. Holding nothing back, his new persona reflected what the man has really been all about all along – Crewsont was ready to break every rule in the book and get straight wild, reckless, and vulgar with music that was so in-your-face it couldn’t possibly be ignored. Bringing his own signature finesse to the game through a gripping combination of his experience gained throughout the years, he dropped his debut Trap-inspired single “All That We Know” on the people in 2019. Racking up tens of thousands of clicks and plays, it was evident that Crewsont was spittin’ fire hot enough to heat up the whole summer and long beyond – he connected, and the support, enthusiasm, and buzz spread quickly throughout the scene.

Flawlessly shifting gears between Phonk, Dark Trap, and Emo Rap – Crewsont has been hitting the studio hard, producing his own beats, and designing new cuts to be released soon, influenced by the sound and styles of Ghostemane, $uicideBoy$, Scarlxrd, City Morgue, Lil Peep, and XXX Tentacion. Creating his most memorably dynamic and versatile bars to-date with dedication to the details that is second to none – Crewsont is destined to break the internet with his music…or die tryin.’


666 Slavic (2020)
Ignorant Scream Rap (2021)
Ignorant Death Metal (2022)
Let’s Talk About It Later (2022)
Lighting The Pilot Light To My Own Self Destruction (2023)

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