Corpse Circus

Corpse Circus

Established in August of 2006, Corpse Circus has been bringing their unique mix of murderous lyrics combined with their own style of humor placed over sample heavy back beats with crisp hard hitting drums.

Corpse Circus stands out in the murky waters of underground rap, by way of touching on new topics, and even going so far as to make fun of each other during their verses.

Corpse Circus has had famous features on their albums including Esham, Bizarre of D12, Mars, Insane Poetry, and Scum.

Group Members

DJ Drankenstein
Durt Nap
El Pasty Guero
Grimm III
Grimm Rapper
Krib Deth
Stir Crazy
Thurston Howl
Trigga Mortis


Admit None (2007)
Corpse Circus (2008)
Remixed & Retarded (2009)
Some Assembly Required (2009)
Corpse Circus (Re-release) (2009)
Remixed & Retarded (Re-release) (2009)
Necronomicon (2010)
Welcome to the Corpse Circus (2010)
Admit None (Re-release) (2011)
Our Fans Stalk Us… But We Stalk Them Back (2012)
An Untitled CD (2013)
Ripped Off Remixes Vol. 1 (2013)
Ripped Off Remixes Vol. 1 (Ultra Rare Deluxe Super Version) (2013)
Only the Dead Survive (2015)
Ripped Off Remixes Vol. 2 (2015)
The Lost Album (2016)
Ripped Off Remixes Vol. 3 (2018)
Table Scraps (2019)
Table Scraps (Deluxe) (2019)
Remixed & Retarded & Remastered (2020)
Welcome to the Corpse Circus Remastered (2020)
A Bunch of Lost & Rare Bullshit (2022)

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