Claas is an emcee from Arlington, TX. He has been part of the underground for almost two decades, releasing both solo material and group efforts with the likes Breach of Peace, Deceptikonz, and the Underground Avengers. He is currently signed to Lyrikal Snuff Productionz.


Renaissance Of The Masses (w/ Full Scale Riot) (2002)
Almost ClaAsick (2004)
GOTJ05 Sampler (w/ Breach of Peace) (2005)
Celebrity Death (2006)
Anarchaic (2006)
The Campaign Trail (2009)
You Mad (2010)
Good Morning (2010)
Deceptikonz (w/ Deceptikonz) (2011)
12 Days (2011)
You Mad 2 (2011)
Who the HELL is CLAAS (2012)
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (2012)
The Underground Avengers (w/ Underground Avengers) (2012)
Who the Hell is Claas Vol. 2 (The 50 in 50 Edition) (2015)
Devil’s Tongue (2017)
FMEFU (2017)
You Mad 3 (Making a Murderer) (2017)
Anomaly 88 (w/ Underground Avengers) (2018)
Dark Matter (w/ Underground Avengers) (2019)
Hadron Collider (w/ Underground Avengers) (2019)
The Rydas (as Trill Deuce, w/ The Rydas) (2020)
Revenge: Article 1 (2020)
Revenge: Article 2 (2020)
Contamination (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Die to This Music (w/ SickGang) (2020)
Vol. 1 (w/ VLNC) (2020)
Revenge: Article 3 (2021)
This is Revenge (2022)
The Gateway (w/ Underground Avengers) (2022)
CAARNIVOROUZ (w/ CaarnivorZ) (2023)
Oblivion (w/ Underground Avengers) (2024)

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