Cinikill, sometimes written as CiN1KiLL, is a rapper from Santa Maria, CA.  He has been part of Brain Damage Records, Grindhouse Musick, and Butchered Beat Productionz, run by Rukus of Kryptik infamy.


Demon Pages (2010)
Celebrity Junkie (2011)
The Invasion of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2012)
They’re Coming For You Mixtape (2012)
Demon Pages Vol. 2 (2012)
Horror Director (2013)
Boom Bap Gore Rap Vol. 1 (w/ Daymarez) (2015)
The Goryographer (2015)
Boom Bap Gore Rap Vol. 2 Dangerous to Dream (w/ Daymarez) (2017)
The Deditor (2018)



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