Cinikill, sometimes written as CiN1KiLL, is a rapper from Santa Maria, CA.  He has been part of Brain Damage Records, Grindhouse Musick, and Butchered Beat Productionz run by Rukus of Kryptik infamy.


Demon Pages (2010)
A Nightmare in a Damaged Brain (2010)
Celebrity Junkie (2011)
The Invasion of the Body Snatcherz (w/ The Body Snatcherz) (2012)
They’re Coming For You Mixtape (2012)
Demon Pages Vol. 2 (2012)
Horror Director (2013)
Boom Bap Gore Rap Vol. 1 (w/ Daymarez) (2015)
The Goryographer (2015)
Boom Bap Gore Rap Vol. 2 Dangerous to Dream (w/ Daymarez) (2017)
The Deditor (2018)
Man Lives Reality (2022)

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