Bloody Ruckus

Bloody Ruckus

Bloody Ruckus is an emcee from Oneida, WI. He became notorious when he was in the news for allegedly “chopping a girl’s pinky finger off and drank her blood during a satanic Juggalo ritual.”

Bloody Ruckus claims the title of Wisconsin’s Fastest Rapper and is currently one of the fastest rappers in the world, spitting at a rate of over 13 syllables per second.

He is currently part of the group Cult Activity, who, in 2019, released their debut album, “Population 909.”


Nightmarez From Tha Rez (2011)
Dark N Cold EP (2013)
Free Bloody Ruckus (2013)
The Season of Death (2014)
My Bloody Valentine (2017)
The Planned Parenthood Soundtrack (w/ Wicked Blue) (2017)
Population 909 (w/ Cult Activity) (2019)
Isolated Letters 2009-2016 (2023)
Funeral Macabre (2023)



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