Bloodshot is a horrorcore emcee from Florence, AZ.

He is an innovator of the horrorcrunk sound and has released numerous solo and group projects over his 20 year career.


Mizter Bloody (2000)
Red Eyez (2001)
The Bloody Professor (2001)
The Black Rose (2003)
The Slaughter Theory (2003)
Camp Horror (2005)
Unforgiven (w/ Trouble) (2006)
Bloodshot Inn (2008)
Mitenberg Massacre (w/ Dark Preacha) (2008)
The Black Rose Revisited (2008)
God Ain’t Listening (w/ Lavey) (2009)
The Very Beast of Bloodshot (2009)
Welcome to Slaughterville (w/ Con-crete) (2009)
JackKnifed (2010)
Lost and Found Vol. 1 (2010)
Horrorcrunk or Die! (2010)
Lost and Found – Halloween Edition (2010)
Pit of Snakes (2011)
The Saw is Family (2013)
N6M6S6S (w/ Dark Preacha) (2014)
Decapitated Faces (w/ Alias Grim) (2014)
TSC Vol. 1 (w/ The Slaughter Camp) (2015)
Forever Horrorcrunk (2018)
Wendigo (2020)
Buried (2020)
Reap What You Sow (2021)
Fear Me Not EP (2022)

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