Badluck, born under the darkest shadow imaginable is both blessed and cursed. A constant black rain cloud hovers over his head every step that he takes, though when he picks up the mic a divine intervention occurs. Blessed with the gift of rhyme and cursed with the burden of Badluck, He has had one passion in life, Music. Whether it is writing, recording, or producing his passion urges him to move forward every day, he is a man on fire, and shows no signs of being extinguished. From the early age of two Badluck has been making music, his journey has been one littered with many obstacles, from the demise of everything he has held close, to the endless blights of bad business, wolves in sheeps clothing, poverty, hunger, and depression. He has remained patient and dedicated and in 1997 he found his calling. “My life is nothing to look back on and smile, I would not wish my life on anyone. It is my burden to bury, one way or another I will succeed, I will not be detoured from my path. My destiny is music and I’ll be Goddamned if anyone will take me from it.”


Brainwashed (w/ Medula) (2004)
End of Days (2007)
Pawz Up (w/ BunnyJunk) (2007)
I Alone (2008)
The Final Pawprint (w/ BunnyJunk) (2012)
arM:Igeddon (w/ Mission:Infect) (2024)

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