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Digital Voodoo

by The R.O.C.

Digital Voodoo

2017 1 Hour

Majik Ninja Entertainment

  1. Digital Voodoo
  2. Let Me Out (feat. G-Mo Skee)
  3. Tear It Up (feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Boondox)
  4. The Chalmer
  5. Dr. No (feat. Jason Cortez)
  6. Hecklers (feat. Kuniva and Trick Trick)
  7. Clouds Black Out The Sun
  8. Still Running (feat. Sam Kay)
  9. Disgusted (feat. Britney Stoney and Twiztid)
  10. Sleeper Cell (feat. R.A. Da Rugged Man, Redd, and Whitney Peyton)
  11. What is Hell? (feat. Esham and Mastamind)
  12. When They Hear It (feat. Kung Fu Vampire and Prozak)
  13. Zombies at the Apocalypse (feat. Jahred of Hed P.E.)
  14. Revels in the Dark (feat. Lex The Hex Master and Sam Kay)