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All Hail tha RazoR

by RazoR

All Hail tha Razor

2016 1 hour, 18 minutes

Suicide Lab Productions

  1. Intro (feat. A-Sin)
  2. Come a Lil' Closer
  3. Merry-Go-Round of Madness (feat. A-Sin)
  4. I Am 6ix (feat. Tha Nutkase)
  5. All Hail the Razor
  6. Monster in Me
  7. Hurt You (feat. Beast of Mission:16)
  8. Do You Want More
  9. Nightmare (feat. Smallz One)
  10. Last Letter Killerlude
  11. Last Letter (feat. La Cruz)
  12. Ain't No Tellin' What I Might Do
  13. Chainsaw Anthem
  14. She's Watchin' She's There
  15. Bleed for You, Die for You (feat. Spectra)
  16. Dead Inside (feat. Dieabolik the Monster & Jason X)
  17. We the Gecko Bros
  18. Metal in Your Spine (feat. Scum)
  19. Rise from the Dead
  20. Home Invasion (feat. Tha Nutkase & K-Dogg)
  21. American Horror
  22. Hate