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Hellz Angel

by Lil Sicx

Hellz Angel

2019 52 Minutes

Diamond Life Music Group

  1. Intro (The Prince of Darkness)
  2. Livin Dead Ever Since
  3. One Nigga Dead
  4. Devil Got My Soul (feat. Key Loom)
  5. Not Cho Average
  6. One Shot 2 Tha Brain (feat. Sicx and Evil Loc)
  7. Duck Down (feat. Phonk Beta)
  8. Snakes in the Grass (feat. X-Raided and Fatkao 396)
  9. Fucc Tha World (feat. The Gatlin and Fatkao 396)
  10. Say Less (feat. Tay West)
  11. Mobb Bizz (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung and COS)
  12. Sacra-M.E.n.T.O. (feat. Smigg Dirtee and C-Dubb)
  13. Run It
  14. I Dont Rap 4 Fun
  15. Toxic Love (Wv)
  16. Concious
  17. So Crazy (feat. COS)
  18. Hellz Angel (feat. VillaNoize)
  19. Sac Life (feat. Mozzy)
  20. Came To The Trap