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Unsolved Disappearance


They say 3 people can keep a secret if 2 are dead
Some gamble on faith while others prefer to hedge their bets
Cause should they dredge the lake bed or locate
A shallow grave with human remains and see the state
Of decomposition / Or worse able to trace
Them to the place of execution and soon estimate
A time of death / Comparing dates
Gathering suspects to interrogate
So ask yourself would you feel safe
In knowing the others involved could possibly break
And cut a deal to take the stand and then make the claim
You were the shooter while they were unwilling participants
The thought may fill you with rage and provide incentive
To eliminate who’d be your only connection
Meet up somewhere isolated to discuss the next steps in
Covering their tracks…
Wait till their backs are turned and shoot’em in their heads
This time cut’em up and don’t just move’em


Should you rendezvous with evil…
Keep a weapon close by
Always pack more than one
And carry a watchful eye
Should you rendezvous with evil…
Notice when there’s a pattern
Of suspicious behavior
In the end it’ll matter
Should you rendezvous with evil…
Maintain your composure
Never let down your guard
But act like you ain’t sober
Should you rendezvous with evil…
Check the exit that’s nearest
Less you wanna become
Another unsolved disappearance


Unbeknownst to you the dude next to you in the bar
Staring straight ahead had actually taken part
In helping bury a body / His sisters boyfriend did it
And she called asking for help in digging the hole…
Willin’ to become an accessory after the fact
They say blood’s thicker than water when making a pact
With a family member who hits you up a year later
Unaware police found it a week prior and they were
All smiles / Inviting him on a weekend vacation
To a cabin on a lake in relative isolation
Catching sight of her boyfriend in a reflective surface
Fighting over the gun as she tried to hurt’em
With a kitchen knife but he lucked out and shot’em both
Him in the head and her in the leg / Knowin’ she chose
Him over her filled him with rage / She tried to plead
With him to no avail and since then they ain’t been seen