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Summer Night Ghoul


I been drawn to the night like a moth to the flame
Since the age of thirteen I been deep in the game
When it came to steel town nocturnal excursions
Cruising down Brownsville one thing is certain
I’ll be out till dawn cause I’m looking to meet
Up with my fellow night ghouls out roaming the streets
From the dark parking lots where it’s easy to chill
Crack a bottle, spark a joint or whatever can fill
Your stomach like some drive thru or a neighborhood bars
Wing special you can take to go back to your cars
Then dip to an isolated spot in the park
Where the cops don’t patrol and won’t come that far
Bumping rap, rock and metal while talking some shit
Bout anyone who gotta problem with your clique
And if you’re feeling up to it you can bring a flashlight
And sneak into the cemetery to catch sight of a ghost


Up all night is how I usually stay
Cause I tend to sleep through most of the day (Hey)
I’m still livin’ that summer night ghoul life
Posted under a flickering porch light
And I’d rather just go
To a haunted place with a creepy green glow (So)
I’ll be livin’ that summer night ghoul life
While I’m bathing in gray white moonlight


Ever seen a ghost or something unexplained
Manifest before your eyes and tried to obtain
Photographic evidence or a video clip
Somebody can validate and say it’s legit
Break in a vacant building that’s possibly haunted
Just to capture proof most would disregard if
They ain’t seen it for themselves cause they’re narrow minded
But you do it for the thrill and the excitement
Driving down backroads hanging out windows
Or get to hotbox with some primo indo
Chilling in a backyard next to a fire pit
Get some charcoal so you can grill out a bit
And watch a horror flick on an outdoor screen
Or hook up with a freak who can lick you clean
Till the sun comes up then close the curtains
Pass out in your bed till the dark returns and it will