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Pray for oxygen / I’m known to asphyxiate
Like a plastic bag over your face / Demonstrate
My lack of remorse smilin’ back at your corpse
It’s murder for murder’s sake at the expense of yours
Moving towards the cemetery sensing
An ethereal chill from the unquiet dead suppressing
Another shiver undoubtedly triggered
By a feeling of an impending horror and a rigor
You’ve been trying to withstand twisting & writing like a cobra
In the ensuing ominous silence Imma soldier
Bearing the hallmarks of a serial killer
With several cliches fueling their hushed tones & whispers
My ferocity’s like a battering wind
Capable of shattering glass while I cast a grim shadow
Seen from their armchairs facing a window
I just love to make them wanna grip a pillow

(HOOK) (2X)

I’m the resurrectionist (2x)
If the world’s a stage mine’s a graveyard
And I’m snatchin’ the mic like it’s a body


Something straight outta metaphysical thriller
The likes of which they’ve never seen / A gothic chiller
I’m an oblong box ripper still able
To function under duress while remaining faithful
To my wicked devotion and the desire
To stayed focused / Keep’em frozen in terror / I’ve acquired
More sinister dimensions as every year
Progresses grimly noting the stench in the atmosphere
Without a vestige of sun rays having endeavored
To obtain what I value willing to do whatever
Is necessary / Soon as their buried
I’ll venture out into the night and under the moon glaring
I’ve been staring at that gate through my rear view
Never been a stranger to tempting fate and near to
The heart of the matter and the menacing willows
It’s an undertaking that I love and it shows