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Plagued With Visions

(HOOK) (2X)

Don’t wanna break free from the devil in me
He’s the only wise one that I’ll ever believe
The cold hard truth I need to receive
Cause I’m plagued with visions of the dead in my sleep


Lost in a sea of madness until sanity
Washes over me and my realization’s to let it be
As the curious spirits watch on from the silence
Of eternity and might provide me with some guidance
My insomnia’s punctuated by dreams
Of white faces at windows bellowing piercing screams
And all isn’t what it seems cause I’m at wits end
Like a skipping stone vanishing into the waves again
Descending from the starlight to murky depths
With a blanket of trepidation wrapped around my flesh
Ironically I never choose to fight for breath
Having succumb to the thought of a beautiful death
Till I find myself on the shore of an island
In the presence of a storm weathered lighthouse tryin’
To understand why I’m there / Remaining mindful
Of the phantom who’s waving to welcome a new arrival