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Mortuary Bound


Exiting the house noticing the gathering clouds
Death is in the air yet it’s just a matter of how
Return home not expecting to have everything found
In disarray and the television static is loud
You could say it’s an omen hell’s messenger sent
If you read what he sent me you’d know the extent
When I pick up on your scent it heightens my focus
While you focus on how wide my mind explodes if
My psychosis is triggered / My tone’s so graveled
Imma tear this place apart and hurl you off the scaffold
They’ll be baffled when your found dead face up in a fountain
Keep following the paper trail / I am a mountain
To a hillside estate / My stranglehold’s on the neck
Of their woods and I’m dangling a medallion to check
If they’re still under hypnosis in uncharted depths
Of unfathomable horrors with their arms outstretched


I’m a wicked man for all seasons / Right now
I’m in summer night ghoul mode still holdin’ it down
For the autumn blooded / Like a thunderin’ cloud
And Imma stay around till I’m mortuary bound
I’m a wicked man for all seasons / Right now
I’m in summer night ghoul mode tatted up and proud
To be autumn blooded / Which I stay year round
And I ain’t layin’ down till I’m mortuary bound


Tell the Devil I’m ready for Armageddon
Karma is a bitch and a witch on a broom headed
For the red moon lit township’s dark house on the hill
I’m an elevator filled with blood about to spill
Kill shit for the thrill of it criminal minded boom bap
Music for the ill-fated listener / A doom rap
Masterfully executed due to the fact
It’s a beautiful death crazed poet’s spiritual pact
With the ghost of Edgar Allan having come to fruition
Take a 55 gallon oil drum and envision
Dismembered human remains in it / I’m so wicked
My future victims ain’t gotta lie to kick it…

I was only one who showed up on the first day of first grade
After my kindergarten class vanished / What’s worse they
Still don’t have a clue as to how they went missin’
So I got info to trade if I’m cravin’ Tim Hortons in prison