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Invitation to a Murderer


You can tell’em the Scattenjager is back
With a vengeance on this hilltop manor night of the murder rap
Pupils contract rapidly when I come through
And they recoil in horror cause I’m the one who
Been on the warpath since uttering Hell’s First
Whisper Now I’ve got my second wind and a burst
Of adrenaline / I’m a permanent fixture
In this wicked underground rap game the perfect mixture
Of horror and hip hop devotion even in death
I will find my way into their heads till they obsess
Over every bar I’ve ever written and spit
Yes I can be lethal as shit and just as evil and quick
To deny the accusations so I can rage against
The mainstreams machinations keeping the track drenched
In their blood and from the gutter / Always yours in murder
Labrynthine / My book of rhymes the ultimate page turner

(HOOK) (2x)

Invitation to a murderer / Come and get some (3x)
If you want what I got then take it (take it) in blood


I’m an X-File always into something wicked
And my style they love to hate cause I can kick it
Like it’s 96 / Silhouetted in the mist
Some places in this world are too evil to exist
My mind is such a place as Calcutta
If allowed to run amok like purge they’ll know what a
Hell of a way I can do it / Spoken like a true rap head
With a lil bit of rock and metal / That said
Lyrically I was bred to kill / Fuck fame
I’ve been crazed ever since Bad Mind put me on game
And my brother Jay Reno gave me the go
To let’em have it and show no remorse I can flow
Like a dark river / Still waters run deep / A person
Difficult to unravel / Quiet but well versed in
The art of dying / Oh pitiful shadow perhaps
Now is the time… to inscribe your epitaphs