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Ghoulish Perfection


I’m in sanity’s gallery lacerating portraits
Cause I’m plagued with visions exacerbating morbid
Thoughts of murder & bloodshed / Imma poison the water
And make’em taste the gun lead / Some dread
The idea of crossing paths with me
Imma thief in the night Like the red death can be
Inconspicuous as hell as well able to reign
Though I’m still green and came late in the game
So I stay humble and continue to Struggle
With my demons & addictions cuz they love to make trouble
If my gaze is lustful I’m on the brink of giving in
To wicked temptation and their hearts will sicken
I treat the mic like an infernal device so you will learn
My venomous rhymes are worse that the bite and burned
The bridge to heavens gate / Sleeping awake
It’s like your in the matrix and there’s no escape


There’s no point in trying to question
How my darkness fuels this obsession
Used to think dying was worth stressin’
Now I strive for ghoulish perfection
Wasting time is trying to question
How my darkness fuels this obsession
Used to think my pain couldn’t lessen
Now I strive for ghoulish perfection


When it comes to writing you’re as slow as molasses
Imma cheetah with these beats but I never come fast
In these women and freaks fucking up my linen and sheets
Grin when I feast on your flesh then stretch in relief
When I’m complete and there’s no meat left on their bones
Could melt’em in acid with my gravelly tone
Like some classic RLP Imma Dead Flowerz mark
Yes I do believe in god / Call him Rakim Allah / Start
From scratch and take it back to the days of old
Imma late 90s kid at heart outta control
An H C dot com vet with no info
For these poser horror rappers LMAO
They better pray they make it home to their spouses and kids
Cause I’m the wrong one to fuck with and psycho as is
I hold a grudge like a priest holds a rosary close
When he sees a summer night ghoul like me approach