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Fell in Love With a Gun

(HOOK) (2X)

I fell in love with a gun in a fifth of a second
You saw a tool but I seen it from a different perspective
Had a broken heart then was introduced to this weapon
It’s beautiful how an instrument of death can mend it


I was familiar with the rumors she’d been passed around
Used and abused / Left out on the street and been found
By police / Spendin’ time in several evidence rooms
Stolen and sold out from one after another and soon
Found herself in my presence / She captured my gaze
The fact I didn’t care where she’d been before amazed
Even myself / All I knew is that if I kept her clean
And fully loaded she’d be down for whatever I’d need
To handle if should ever the opportunity rose
Which was new to her cause she was used to being disposed
Of once servin’ her purpose and discarded for somethin’ better
But I would tell her that we’d ride together forever
And I will never ever take for granted the things
She did before and would continue so I gave her a ring
We spent our honeymoon somewhere secluded / Happily wed
With her barrel pressed up against the back of somebody’s head