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Cryptic Slumber Lullaby


I said the killer in the dead skin mask
I’ll fulfill my evil task
With my blade I’ll make them bleed
And add another notch to my sheath

I said the phantom in the dim lit hall
With my hands on either wall
I’ll stretch out my arms and then
Drift toward you and round the bend

I said the demon in the candle’s flame
I’ll laugh if you speak my name
No matter which way you flee
You’ll find your way back to me

I said the black eyed child on the lawn
I’ll be standing here till dawn
Casting my gaze toward your room
Signaling an impending doom

(HOOK) (2X)

Howdy dowdy diddle dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle dum day
Hey la lee lee ly lee low


I said the monster under your bed
With sharp teeth and eyes deep red
Happy to feed on your fear
Even with every passing year

I said the Devil down at the crossroads
If you wish to trade your souls
Sign your names and make me smile
Knowing it all will be worthwhile

I said the shaman sitting by the fire
Know me by my dark attire
Follow me up to the skies
But not till you close your eyes

I said the Summer Night Ghoul I swear
I’ve no more tales left to share
Dawn is my evening and now
Cryptic slumber take me down