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Blood Drenched


It all started with a letter with no return address
Written by a girl I couldn’t recall having met
Saying I was her true love I was flattered at first
Till more followed and became progressively worse
She was obviously disturbed and I was living alone
Never took it serious till the night I came home
And poured a drink, took a sip then somehow blacked out
And woke up buck naked on the floor next to the couch
I was covered in cuts and bruises and felt so sore
Specially below my waist which I looked down toward
And saw my dick it was sick looking purple and black
And had a rubber band tight round the base of my shaft
Feeling pain in my hand it was pinned by a knife
With a note underneath I pulled it out and cried
Called 911 / The operator had said (Help is on the way)
But I was frozen by the note that read…


I will haunt you while you dream
I can’t wait to make you scream
And I won’t stop until I see
Your blood all over me
I’ll duck down behind a tree
Till they pass then cross the street
With your blood all over me
That’s all I’ll ever need


Spent a week in the hospital and was interviewed
By two detectives who said that it was rare but true
That a girl could rape a man they’d conduct a thorough
Investigation assuring me they’d comb every borough
Of the city in the months that followed they found nothin’
No leads, suspects or forensics I wasn’t
Gonna stick around so I picked up and relocated
To another state / Changed my name but I was fated
To receive another letter / This time at my job
I was working after hours feeling completely robbed
Of my sense of security / Headed for the garage
But once again blacked out and woke up with gauze
Around my forehead back in a hospital room
With another pair of cops having sustained wounds
So close to being fatal that I started to laugh
And cried at the same time knowing she’d be back
Cause she said…


Over the coming years I’d endure four more attacks
The last one was so bad I couldn’t walk and that’s
When they brought me to the station / Wheeled me in a room
Set a laptop in front of me / Which I assumed
Was for me to type my account instead they hit play
On a video that haunts me to this day
It was footage taken from my apartment building’s roof
I was punching / Cutting myself / Yelling at someone whom
I could see but wasn’t there as I stepped to the ledge
And jumped 20 feet onto pavement then they said
This psycho bitch I’m afraid of really doesn’t exist
She’s a split personality that’s evil as shit
Which explains the lack of evidence / Why I can’t say
Used to think that I was sane but now I’m on my way
To the mental asylum cause they said I’m disturbed
And my reflection in the passenger window becomes hers
And sings…