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At the Mercy of Phantoms


I’m at the mercy of phantoms
Who never cease to remind me that they’re near
Even while I’m on the verse of sleep
They make me feel like we’re underwater
By the way they float and hover
And I’m drownin’ but determined to breathe
And I know if they could take possession of my flesh
They would in a heart beat
And I’d serve as their puppet
But they lack the capability and lash out
Throwing objects clear across the room
After passing judgement
I’m at the mercy of phantoms
Who seem to drift from room to room
And up and down halls during ungodly hours
They rarely speak but often use
Their body language cause it’s universal
And more effective in chance encounters
Like a mental patient with a shovel
Burying a body in a shallow grave
Behind a decrepit chapel
Who’d escaped the night before
Now he’s walking down the corridor
Hummin’ this song as he’s lead to the scaffold

(HOOK) (4X)

I’m at the mercy of phantoms
When I’m alone in the dark


I’m at the mercy of phantoms
Who I’ve been claimin’ to have seen to the hospital staff
But they all disregard’em
As the ravings of a madman
Whose diary’s filled with disturbingly vivid accounts
They find alarmin’
Especially the one about the child
Sittin’ by her brother’s corpse
Smilin’ and gigglin’ with his blood in her mouth
She walks the grounds outside
And likes to hide behind trees
Then comes to my window and screams so fuckin’ loud
I’m at the mercy of phantoms
Who smother me like vines are known to cover
And swallow abandoned manor houses
Sittin’ perfectly still and quiet
In a rocking chair while I aimlessly stare
And imagine taverns shrouded
In fog with gas lanterns
A figure’s standin’ in the shadows
With a tarot card in his hand… a strange version
The likes of which I’ve never seen
Up to that point in my life
And a reminder that death is always certain