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by Darby O'Trill


2019 40 Minutes

Mental Warp Records

  1. The Kid That Smells Like Cat Piss
  2. The Clocc With Thirty Hands (feat. Cutthroat the Coroner)
  3. Terrifier (Infected Scab Remix)
  4. GodFucker (feat. Lord Yami)
  5. I Dream in Sepia Tone
  6. All of My Idols Are Drug Addicts (feat. Keagan Grimm)
  7. My Reflection Moved but I Did Not
  8. Intercourse With a Chainsaw (feat. Cutthroat the Coroner)
  9. Murdered in the Dark Outside of Your Favorite Bar
  10. Eat Shit and Die
  11. I Know Where the Albino Squirrel Lives (feat. Brother V.)
  12. Iced Coffee in a Crystal Chalice (feat. Little Knife)
  13. Where the Heart Is (feat. Cutthroat the Coroner)
  14. Torn Flesh Between an Alligators Teeth
  15. She Vanished After Midnight (feat. Cutthroat the Coroner)
  16. A Decaying Corpse Is a Work of Art
  17. Everyone Is a Little Dead Inside