Kenneth, known professionally as PaidLead, is an American rapper who is also learning music production and using various music equipment. PaidLead began writing music in 2018, but his passion for rap dates back to when he was five years old. He started experimenting early on, always aspiring to create dark music. Once he discovered horrorcore, he committed to making music in that genre, thoroughly researching to ensure he could do it correctly. He received help from some friends who were rappers. His main inspirations are Evil Pimp, Brotha Lynch Hung, Lil Sicx, Tommy Wright III, and Three 6 Mafia.

He is the founder of the group WICKED DINAsty. People also refer to PaidLead by several monikers: Da Certified Necromancer, The 2nd Satan, Alternative Devil, 666NECROMANCY, and Lucifer’s Grandson.

PaidLead also has an alternate personality that he calls his identical twin brother, named Evil Kenneth, who appears on some tracks occasionally.

PaidLead strives for perfection in his work, ensuring everything is perfect and polished for himself and anyone else recording with him. He believes in doing things correctly because you never know who might be watching.


Reasonable Cause (2023)
City Advisor: Unseen Radar (2023)
2024 (2024)
Probable Cause 5: Unfinished Activiation (2024)
Operation Decay (2024)

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