Mr. Toxic

Mr. Toxic

Mr. Toxic is an American hip hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. His solo career began in 2011 and became popular on YouTube for his harsh lyrics, dark tones and themes of suicide. His music is a dark blend of horrorcore glitch-trap with ominous atmospherics, booming bass, and occultish rhymes.

Mr. Toxic has worked on songs with other notable horrorcore derived artists such as Mars and Project Born and was featured on “MTV’s – True Life (I Want Respect For My Sect) after performing at a juggalo themed wedding.

Mr. Toxic was featured on Zug Izlands album “Event Horizon” after producing the remix for “Dreams”.


Murky Waters (2015)
Nothing But Loneliness (2018)
Forever Never (2019)
Tsunami Tides (2020)
FXSHGXD (2021)
Sea Of Sirens (2022)

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