Joseph Moreno, better known to the underground as “Lyrizone”, was born and raised in Summerville, South Carolina. He first came on to the scene as a emcee who performed for a “Grind Mode Cypher” in Hilton Head, South Carolina late 2015. Following this, he was noticed in the underground being a former member of the hip-hop group “Project Leviathan.” Here, he released numerous tracks that showcased his versatile wordplay and cadence, which lead to the release of a classic track called “Murderous Habits”, though unfortunately its momentum lost flare as the team members decided it was best to pursue their solo careers.

After PL disbanded, Lyrizone retracted most to all of his past catalogue to start anew and began focusing on displaying his own brand and style. Coming upon late 2017, Lyrizone began to be seen making guest feature appearances on albums of his peers and marks the debut of his distinct “LZ” mask. During this time, he begins to hone in on his lyrical prowess as he then begins releasing songs with a metal based influence.

Late 2018, Lyrizone releases his first track of the rebranding, “The Intrusion” that showcased his microphone presence. Lyrizone then started releasing singles to build toward the release of his debut album titled “Sweet Relief.” On March 10th 2019, Lyrizone was recuited by Brutal Business Ent. owner, Garrett Jageman and joined his label. Lyrizone voluntarily left Brutal Business Ent. Dec. 17th in motion to pursuing a independent branding.

Lyrizone currently resides in Vancouver, Washington. Lyrizone’s debut album, Sweet Relief released live to the public October 31st 2019.


Sweet Relief (2019)



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